You quit your job to start a business – How are you really feeling?

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Constant wondering if you’ve done the right thing, made the best decision, am I good enough or have the relevant experience can plague us. This never-ending self-questioning can deplete our confidence and erode our business success. We feel paralyzed by self-doubt. We don’t take those bold actions needed to move the business forward.

Until you leave your job and start your business, you can’t know this. Having your own business is probably the biggest tool for introspection and increased self-awareness ever! As business owners, our internal mechanisms are intrinsically linked with the external performance of our business.

This meshing of our internal and external worlds can be surprising. After a long, successful career in the corporate sector, you may take for granted your success and your ability to do your role well.

You know that on the whole, you have what it takes to do the job and if you question things, it is more likely to be the ability of others and the culture you are working within rather than your own ability and performance.

Suddenly, in charge of your own business, you realize that the buck now stops with you. You are what lies between where you are now and the future success of your business. This can be overwhelming for some, invigorating for others.

There is no one else to blame. Taking responsibility for your business also means taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. This is where our mind can impede us or propel us. Finding the right support for our internal world is essential to make progress externally.

The most common sources of this moral and emotional support are partners, family and friends. Having someone support you and who sees your potential and that of your business is essential as we leave behind the framework of the corporate world.

We can achieve great things for our business, but because we no longer have the structure of annual appraisals, 360 feedback or those other mechanisms from our working lives, we forget to reflect.

Too often we are the last ones to recognize the success we have become and how much work it has taken us to get there. Without this feedback loop we can feel depleted, demoralized and questioning what impact we are making.

When you are running your own business, it is critical that you take time to source feedback to nourish you. Customer feedback, comments on social media can all be effective sources of support to boost your morale when you need it. File these away and when you need that boost, that reminder that you are making a difference, review them and reflect. You may even want to take some time to celebrate the impact you are having!


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