You Need a Success Makeover

This month we will be discussing “Success – You Need A Makeover!”

When we leave corporate work to set up our own business we have to redefine many things.

How we work, our employment status, our title and many other elements.

From my experience in working with Corporate Crossovers® , they very rarely update their criteria of success.

This can leave them feeling unsuccessful and yearning for a different time, even yearning to go back to their jobs!

This can also lead to apathy about their business and lowering self esteem.

If you haven’t updated your success criteria – tonight you will get a success makeover!

On this call you will discover:

  • What does success mean anyway?
  • How you used to value your success
  • A quick way to make over and update your success criteria NOW!
  • Three top tools to keep success alive and well – everyday!

In the last decade I have worked with many women who have left their jobs in the corporate world to set up their own businesses. I call these women Corporate Crossovers.

Leaving the world of work behind can be extremely exhilarating and it can also be massively challenging – sometimes on the same day, or even the same hour!

These women will seek my assistance when they are fed up with their business and they don’t feel like they are succeeding. They are often at the point when they feel like they should get real and get a job and start making decent money again. They don’t feel like they are succeeding.

The Oxford English dictionary defines success as ‘ the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”  and ‘the attainment of fame, wealth or social status”

What I do know, is that Success is a big word. It’s a word we all know and use frequently yet it has as many different meanings and measures as there are people that use the word. It’s a concept that we use to define ourselves and if we are honest, others. Even with its frequency of use, it’s a concept we rarely update when we consider how successful we are as our roles change and evolve over the years.

“When did you last redefine your criteria of success? “

Let’s look at why success means so many different things to different people.

Even if you have two people doing exactly the same job, they will judge how successful they are in that role based on different criteria.

That criteria will be based on:

  • how they view the world – their deeply held values
  • how they have been bought up
  • what beliefs they hold about success
  • how well they think they have succeeded in the past…and there are probably a few other things in the mix as well.

And then, of course in some cases there is the societal pressure – that may tell us that success is measured by what car we drive, what handbag we have, the shoes or watch we wear and where we go on holiday…..

So not only do we have our own internal map of success, we have an external measures as well.

Success truly does mean different things to different people. And as we grow and develop over the years, often our definition of success may change but often we don’t take the time to really explore what this is and how it evolves over time.

So what I would like to do on the call tonight is to give you the chance to explore and review your definition of success so it is up to date and helping you thrive!

Firstly, lets look at how you used to value success…..

I work with many women business owners who haven’t taken the time to really ponder and define what success means for them now since they left their job. If they were working for a company for many years their success criteria were most probably defined by their role, their departmental objectives and the company’s targets. Or maybe not…..maybe they defined their own success based on job title, salary and benefits package, overseas trips, class of business travel and number of staff reporting to them.

When you had a job, how did you define your success?

I want you to cast your mind back when you were working as an employee (and if you are still an employee, think about right now!)  And Jot down 10 elements that were important to you and made you think you were a success.

Some ideas to help you along…..impact on the bottom line, working with a large team on important projects, doing something that made a tangible difference to people, salary, business class travel, meeting with senior decision makers, large budgets, feeling respected, working for a great brand, job title…..

I’ll give you two minutes to think of some ideas – I’ll keep quiet over this time, but don’t worry I’m here!!

Thanks for doing that – we will come back to this list later on in the call….

Consider this…..

What happens when the constructs that we defined our success (and sometimes ourselves) by are no longer there?

Does this mean we aren’t successful?

Starting up your own business means redefining many things, finances, working location and tax status but often we forget to redefine our own success criteria.

From my own experience and working with many Corporate Crossovers®, not redefining our success criteria can leave us with that nagging doubt wondering if we made the right decision to leave. If left unchecked, it can also grow into vacillation about whether to stay self-employed or to go and get a ‘real’ job again.

Personally, I went through an 18 month period of wondering if I should ‘get real’ and get a job and it wasn’t I took stock and thought about what success meant to me now in my own business, did I realize how successful I was!

Taking stock for me involved:

  • Examining what was REALLY important to me about the life I wanted to live (my values)
  • How much time I spent working now vs. before (daily hours and vacation)
  • My income
  • Comparing my stress levels with now and before
  • Focusing on myself and not comparing myself with former peers

After my period of reflection those years ago – I was stunned! Stunned at how much money I was earning with low stress and lots more time for my own pursuits. That was the real turning point for me to grab hold of my business with both hands and fully commit!

So whether you have just left corporate to start up your own venture or you have been doing it for some years, take some time to reflect deeply on what your success criteria are for you now.

Now is your chance to update your success criteria!

We are going to update your success criteria by reflecting on What’s Precious Now?

What is most precious to you now? How do you want to spend your time and your energy. What are your dearest values?

Get out some more paper and Write down between five and ten areas that are really key to you now.

Some ideas to help you along…..independence, feeling like I make a difference, family, variety, freedom, financial security, time with children, state of mind, time to pursue other interests beyond work, working with people I like, creativity, opportunity, growth

Again, I’m going to give you a couple of minutes to write down some ideas….

Thanks for doing this….now I want you to Take A Measure

Reflect on your ‘Precious Now’ list. How much is your current work and personal life reflecting those values?

Could this be success for you now?

Now take a look at the first list, of how you used to measure your success when you worked…. What comes up for you when you read it and think about the two lists?

Have things changed, or have they evolved?

I want you think about what ideas and insights you have from looking at these two lists – how have you changed and how has what you value changed?

I’ll give you a minute to jot down some thoughts about what you are thinking and observing!

As we go through our life we are constantly evolving. Our values may shift and evolve to represent who we are in that moment. It’s important we feel successful on our terms as when we feel successful and believe we are, more success comes our way.

It’s through loving and committing to what you do with your whole heart, spirit and passion will bring you the success you deserve.

The way to keep success alive is to nuture it and to think about it every day….

Here are my three top tips that I recommend to my clients to keep success alive !

1.     Keep a success jurnal

At the end of each day, write down three things (big and small) that have gone really well. What has been successful?

Each day as you practice this, you will be reflecting on the past in a  positive manner, then eventually your brain starts to see more positive successes as it knows it has to write about them later that day…you start to see more success in your life as  a result

The other thing I love about the success journal, is that one days when are feeling a bit down – and we all get like that right? It can be great to reflect on how well we have done in the past – a success journal is fantastic to have in these situations

2.    Keep a Fantastic Feedback File

When we leave the office environment, it can be hard to get regular feedback. A way to ensure you get this is to ask your custoemrs and clients for feedback and when they give it to you, keep it in an easy to access file (on your bookshelf or computer) so you can re-read it and remember how you are doing great things for your customers and being a success.

3.     Revisit your new criteria of success

Take out your list of values that you now live by – your precious list – and one a week, review and reflect. Think about how often you are achieving these things and how important they are for you.

I know now, spending time with my kids twice a week makes me feel more successful than my old trips in the front of the plane to New York made me feel – and it’s great to be reminded of that!

I hope you enjoyed this months Monthly Momentum master calls.

I would love to know what action you will take as a result of this call – please tell me!

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