Want change – Jump in!

Out of your depth in businessWatching my daughter swim her first length at her lesson last week, I saw her hesitate when the water level got deeper. She didn’t know how deep, she just guessed it was over her head.

I then pondered ‘how did she know how deep it was?” and ‘why did she falter?”

Because she could have been 2 or 20 inches out of her depth and she would have had the same reaction.

When we want change, personally or in our business lives, to make it happen, we need to get out of depth and start to do things differently. If the depth feels too much whether its 2 inches, or 20, then why not just go all out, stretch yourself and jump in!

If this thought starts to ratchet up your fear, then ask yourself ‘what’s the worst thing that could happen?”

Getting as tangible as possible about the risk, will then help you make that leap.


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