Has your year ended how you wanted?

firecrackers in the sky - sunsetAmong my friends New Year’s Eve is always polarizing. They fall into two camps:

1. Some love it, the idea of celebrating the year with a bang, and eagerly anticipating the new year

2. The others are rushing for the year to be over, as they didn’t enjoy it, and they are not that enthused about the coming 12 months either.

Where are you?

And given I love to help businesses grow – into which group do you fall when you consider your business?

Especially at this time of year, we can feel busier than normal.

We then miss out on the learnings, and therefore, risk making the same mistakes as we enter the new year.

I would love you to avoid this cycle!

I have made a simple reflection chart for you to complete. Below is a photo for you to copy…told you it was simple. 😉

2014 review

Simply answer the questions…

1. What did you love about this year?

2. What could have been better?

3. What did you learn?

Then compare your actual income for the year against your goals. How did you fare?


And from what you wrote above, what insights does that give you about your business and how you run it?

Doing this work will give you a great foundation to start the planning process for the next year.

And hopefully, it will give you reason to be in the first group when you celebrate on December 31st!

Please set aside the time, consider it a gift for you and your business.

I would love to know what insights you received from this – please write me a comment below.



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