Working from home – are you really cut out for it?

Working From Home

When I researched 300 Corporate Crossovers, the biggest thing that they missed about their previous jobs wasn’t the money but it was the social connection.

They missed having workmates, having someone down the corridor that they could bounce ideas off or even to catch up with last night’s TV show. Not having the social connection can lead them to feel isolated and disconnected. The can easily spiral downwards into lowering self-confidence and forgetting how to put yourself forward.

If you need that social connection, then are you really cut out for working from home by yourself? It may be that you need to work from home for financial reasons or a lifestyle choice but if you feel that you will need that social connection, then you might want to consider some different ways to connect with people and still get your work done!

Here’s a list to get you started:

  •  find a local coffee shop you love with good wifi
  • 5 star hotels have fabulous lobbies and usually great coffee – good for meetings as well
  •  join jelly – a new shared working space for people to hang out with
  • shared office space, there are many of these around now, and you can rent by the day you need them, I love Third Door in London
  • Consider joining a members club – you can combine business with pleasure, again visit many to see which one you feel a closest fit with

I find that some days I relish a day in my home office all by myself, especially when I need to write, plan or create new courses. But other days I want the chance to bump into people and have random conversations and see what emerges.

Find your rhythm and see what will work best for you.


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