Will My Business Idea Work?

Will My Business Idea Work?Fantastic! You have created a great idea for a new business! You love it and you assume everyone else will love it too. You dream of how the business will work and you can see the sales easily rolling in.

Yet, you have a nagging feeling, and wonder if the business will really work, and will the idea make any money?

Too often at the early stages of creating a new life centered around starting our own business, we can have a great idea and it’s just that – an idea we love but sadly no one else thinks the same.

When you are starting to consider your business idea, you must get feedback

If you don’t seek others’ opinions on your idea, you risk creating a beautiful offering that you adore but one that no one wants to buy.

Taking some time to ask others what they think of your idea at this early stage will allow you to incorporate their feedback into refining your idea. It is important to go into these research conversations with an open mind and to be grateful of what you are told. Being defensive and stuck on your ideas will mean that you create what you want, not what your market needs. I love to think that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

As you develop your business offering, there is a range of research stages to go through. As your idea takes shape, more in depth research can be conducted, but if you are right at the beginning, start here!

Initially start by asking your family and friends what they think. Ask them to be honest and constructive. Think about them as broadening your perspective and helping you step back from your own thinking.

Ask them these questions:
– who do you would buy this idea
– what problem is it trying to solve
– what do you like about it
– what would you change
– have you seen anything like it before
– what would you pay for it

These are broad questions to get a conversation started about your idea. Ask as many people as you can, and take note of their ideas, and then use them to further refine your offering.

At the initial stages of your business creation, this is a simple way to get a broader perspective on your idea, and to give you the confidence to keep moving forward!

If you want to start a business, but aren’t sure about your idea, or maybe you have so many ideas you don’t know where to start, then my new Discover Your Business Idea online programme starting in January will be great for you! All details are here.

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