Why I do sometimes miss the office….

In a previous existence, my Monday mornings would follow a similar pattern.

  • Commute – made more bearable because I was fresh from the weekend
  • Walk to the office – grab coffee and maybe a pick me up on the way
  • Arrive! Greeted by hellos and queries of my weekend activities
  • Get into my office, unpack bag and have team in for a quick chat and catch up before we determine the week ahead
  • Refuel with more coffee mid-morning, and on way go and chat to my peers for same catch up

Now, my Monday’s look like this….

  • Meditate, journal and set my intentions
  • Rush the kids out the door to school and maybe bump into some other parents
  • Make my own coffee and start work

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE running  my own business, but this morning strangely, I missed my old routine. And when I pondered on it some more, I realised that in fact, it’s not the routine I miss, it’s that social contact and inquiry into my life.

And does all the other great stuff – freedom, flexibility, total control over one’s destiny and a much more stress free life, yet making more money make up for it? I think yes, and I also think how grateful I am for that chance to check in this morning and make sure.

How do you feel about your transition – is there anything you miss?





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