Why Goals Are Essential For Your Business – Thrive! TV Tips


If you don’t have goals, you don’t have a business, you have an expensive hobby.

Without goals you won’t know where you are going with your business or how well you are doing it.

Goals are essential for your business because:

  • They help you work ‘on’ your business and will lift you out of always working ‘in’ your business
  • They will help you make decisions about how to spend your precious resources of time energy and money – so if you have a decision to make, ask your self – will this help me reach my goal or not?
  • They also help you remember the big idea behind your business and what you really trying to achieve.

Your Action:

Make goals! Make a financial target for your bushiness – how much turn over will you make, and how much profit. And think about the benefit of achieving this goal will give you.

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