Why Drinking Champagne Is Great For Your Business!

Good for businessI have a confession.

My favourite sound in the world is not the laughter of my two children, it is the ‘pop’ of the cork being released from a bottle of champagne.




That wonderful sound conjures up celebration, conviviality, and a sense of occasion

Celebrating our achievements and successes, allows us to acknowledge what we have done, and to burn that feeling of achievement and success into our brains.

Too often, we have moved onto the next project or the next goal without pausing to celebrate our achievement. Time rushes by, and what we have done gets blurred. We forget the great things we have done, and how we stretched ourselves to achieve them.

Actively remembering our successes and feeling successful, enables us to build more success! It’s as if it provides you fuel to keep going forward.

If you haven’t heard that wonderful sound of a champagne cork popping for a while (or whatever your celebration preference!) think about what you have done that is worthy of marking.

I know there will be something worth popping a bottle for!

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