Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job?

Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job?As the year draws to a close, we start to review our lives more critically.  We start to wonder if we want another year like we have just had, and what we could do to make the next year different, better, more appealing.

What is it that ignites and stirs that desire for something different?  What is it that makes you consider leaving something you have known for many years?  A place where you have spent so much of your time, an environment where you may have defended decisions you haven’t truly supported, a place where you have met lifelong friends, even spouses, and where you have been paid, week in and week out.

What is it that stirs the winds of change? And makes you become a Corporate Crossover, leaving your life as an employee to become an entrepreneur?  The ignition for that fire, and the catalysts for change, are different for everyone.  Every situation is very personal, based on our individual values and circumstances.

But there is one thing we all have in common: there comes a point in our lives where we just can’t take it anymore

The desire to leave and pursue our own business may have been bubbling along in the back of our minds for a while. Then a switch flips, or a series of events cascade, and the decision suddenly becomes obvious.

You realise:

  • There must be more to my life than this.
  • I want to be in control of my destiny.
  • I value my flexibility and autonomy over any job, salary or title.
  • My cores values are not represented at the place where I spend most of my time.
  • I could have a better life and I can create it for myself.

As your heart and mind become open to the possibility of leaving – you want to leap into something new.

Events then may conspire to push you further away from your old workplace.  Redundancy, children, a move, a new boss, a restructure, an illness.  Events like these can change your perspective on what matters in your life.

They can give you that push you need to take the plunge, and start the journey of being a Corporate Crossover.

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