Why Do You Feel Like A Failure With Your Business? Thrive! TV Tips


Sometimes we can feel like a failure and as if we haven’t done anything exceptional.

We have done nothing to move ourselves or our business forwards. I know it may feel like that but I think that isn’t the case it all – it is a misconception.

The thing is, our lives move so quickly, that we forget to focus on all of our achievements  and work we have done. We think more about what we haven’t done and what else there is to do. We don’t stop and take stock. We rush into the next activity, the next fire to fight.

I think you are more of a success than you realise!

Your Action:

Find a beautiful little notebook and everyday write down three things that you have a achieved and that have gone well.

You will be surprised at how much is in this book after a week… imagine a whole month or year!

Doing this simple daily exercise will happy remember all that you have done and make you feel more successful.

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