Why business success is like running for a bus

Business Success

My father always used to say to me, ‘he who hesitates is lost.”

Typically this was just as he pulled my hand to run quickly across a busy street avoiding the traffic. We survived the crossing and got to our destination just that little bit faster.

When I am running for the bus, or diving into the tube as it is about the close its doors, I often hear Dad’s words in my mind. And yet, I know I don’t need to run or dive, there is always another bus or tube along in a minute or two.

When I think about this in relation to my business or career success, it has been those times I have metaphorically run to get the bus, which has moved me along the fastest.

Seizing that moment, the opportunity that seems too good to be true can make the difference between having a mediocre business and an outstanding business.

From my experience of working with clients for more than 10 years, I think we are either wired to run or not. But I also know that this wiring can be changed if you want to!

So I would love to know do you run for the bus in your business, or wait for the next one, and save your breath?


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