Who controls your time?

I meet with many people who say they have no time – that they are too busy and feel that their diary is completely out of control.

The question I ask them is “who puts the appointments in your diary?” Nine times out of ten, the answer is the same – they do. They put their own appointments into their calendar.

So this begs the question, why are they letting themselves be so busy? So busy they don’t get a chance to do the important things for their business, goal setting, planning, managing the finances or critical business development.

Would you like more time in your day to manage your business differently? More time to think, plan and create? Time to follow up with those wonderful people you met at that networking event before the opportunity evaporates.

So own your diary! Treat your time as precious, as a finite valuable resource. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone – you can’t get it back!

Here’s some tips I use to make more time….

    1. Keep at least two days a week appointment free. This is time for you to work, do the marketing for your business, create new products, plan and look at the numbers.


    1. Block time effectively. Do your email in one hour blocks then switch it off. Make all your calls in one go. Do your social media in one session each day. By doing tasks of a similar nature altogether you will feel more focused and less frazzled from switching fro one task to another.


  1. Do your networking appointments on one day a week. I like to do mine on Friday. I’m more relaxed and find that it’s easier to get into people’s diaries.

I would love to know – how do you manage your time effectively?  Share below so we can all learn!

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