Where is your heart in your business?

Where is the heart in your buisness?You know the cliche ‘people buy from people’. That is true and I believe it.

Yet how often do we see marketing messages that have no heart in them?

And if you are really honest, do you sometimes put out messages that are a little razzamatazz,  with all the right words but lacking in spirit, emotion and impact?

Next time you need to write a blog post, a marketing message or an email campaign – try writing it from your heart. I recently started doing this, moving form my head (based on an 18 year marketing career) to my heart. I know it’s made a difference. My messages are more aligned with me and my purpose and I know I am touching more of my audience in a genuine way.

If you are wondering how to do it….try this.

As you sit to write, take a moment to breathe deeply, get centered. Imagine you can see a member of your audience in your mind’s eye. Connect with them and imagine what is troubling them, what are they needing to know right now.

And write from that place….and see what happens!

I would love to know how you get on with this approach – please comment below…



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