When did you last update your operating system?

When did you last update your operating system?I’m not about to launch into a geek-fest of which computer software you should be using. No, I’m talking about your internal operating system.

Over the 10 years I have been coaching, I have had many clients who haven’t run an update for years. This means that they are still seeing the world and being driven with an internal framework of thoughts and beliefs that no longer matches who they are now, and is irrelevant to their life and life-stage.

This plays out in a range of ways. There can be high stress, extreme amounts of doubt when they try something new, a sense of unease about how their life is, or of needing to prove themselves.

One client I had recently has been running a successful professional services business for 10 years. She is running herself ragged doing everything in her business and refusing to outsource. She chases after every lead and will take clients on, whether or not they match the work she really wants to do.

As you can imagine, when I met with her, she was unhappy. Unhappy, stressed and very tired!

During the course of our conversation, it became clear that she hadn’t updated her internal operating system since she started her business all those years ago. She still thought of herself as that new business owner, with little experience, no customer testimonial, no track record and needing to chase after every sniff of work she found.

This outdated internal framework was causing a meltdown!

I asked her to describe her business in the last year. She talked about high profile clients, good levels of income and a confidence that the work would easily come via word of mouth and a simple system for sales.

This was not the world that she was operating from. She realised that her framework was out of date and the limits she was placing on herself.

She then spent some time reflecting on who she truly was now, and then revisited this daily, to start the upgrade! Months later she was feeling in control, relaxed, confident and ready for growth. Her updated operating system was working its magic and enabling her to grow with her business.

If you have a sense of stress, doubt or unease then check your internal operating system. Give yourself the gift of an upgrade!

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