What’s Your Reason Why You Do Your Business? Thrive! TV Tips


When did you last consider what your big reason ‘why’ is for doing your business?

Beyond making a living, beyond it’s just what I do. I want you to consider that deep deep reason about why you create the business and why you are still running it.

Do you want to create a legacy – or do you want to impact thousands of people? Maybe you want to make a significant difference in the work – or be financially free. Maybe you created it to have more flexibility with your time… whatever your reason is, reconnect with it. I want you to be honest and assess how close you are to really living that reason why – because I know sometimes we can all go a little off track…

Your Action:

Reconnect with that original reason why you started the business, and then consider – am I really living that now, or have I gone off oath – or has my reason why shifted.

Knowing your reason why will give you the fuel to motivate you for your business every day.

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