What business support do you need?

I have been so fortunate in the past few weeks to speak to over 30 Corporate Crossovers. These women have taken their valuable time and shared their story with me. I have heard all about their transition from corporate employee to business owner. Why they left and how it has been for them since.

This is all for my new book coming out soon!

The key theme that keeps on coming through from them, and the 300 Corporate Crossovers I surveyed earlier this year is the need for support.

Support for them as they go through that transition from being a corporate employee in that framework to launching out on their own.

Support as they grapple with the multitude of things that need to happen to get the business from concept to reality.

Support as they learn to sell themselves, their ideas to new markets. And as they learn to value themselves and their time and put a price on it.

And business support as they realize that maybe the actual performance of their business is different from their business plan.

And support when it gets tough, when they’re tired from the long hours, feeling fragile from rejection and yet still persevere because they are so passionate about their idea and determined to make it a success.

If these statements resonate with you – where are you getting your support from?

The women I have spoken to find support from:

  • partners and family
  • close friends
  • other business owners
  • mentors
  • coaches
  • some networking groups (not all…so check carefully)
  • b0oks and courses

As we are all so individual, I urge you to take some time and find the best support combination for you. Somewhere you can be your true self, be honest about the ups and downs and feel that you are being lifted by the experience, not dragged down.

I would love to hear of your support places..please tell me below.





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    Traditionally Human Resource personnel have found themselves in stifling roles, where their province within the organisation was restricted to being functionally operative, supportive, reactive and internally focused. This underrated position of HR within organisations limited firms from enjoying the benefits of HR that could have been proactive by shifting focus from being an entity that was policing to partnering, short-term to long-term, administrative to consultative and functionally oriented to business oriented.

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