What Do I Want?

What Do I Want?
I have a theory.

That we forget what we want.

If you are a woman, chances are over the years, you have been so busy meeting everyone elses’ needs and demands that you suppress your own. One day you wake up and think ‘how did I get this life? Is this what I want?”

This may sound dramatic but it’s happened to me. Gulp!

I realised this only a few days ago. We are shifting home and my old office furniture wasn’t strong enough to cope with the move. I am busy at the moment, crazy busy. So I hadn’t thought about what I wanted in my office, as I was more concerned with meeting my clients’ needs, my kids and other friends.

Then as my husband started ordering replacement furniture I had my epiphany.

“I don’t want that.”

And then “But what do I want?”

I should know. I use my office a lot. I am in in more than any other room in the house. But I didn’t know what I wanted to choose to represent my business and me. What new look I wanted, what new gadgets to make my time more efficient.

Then it struck me. I have been gliding along going with what everyone else wants, and not even asking what I want.

Time for a change.

Now, I ask myself at every opportunity. “What do I want? What do I really want?”

Sometimes I know in a flash, other times it takes a bit longer. I am getting into practice a bit more and it becomes easier.

Ask yourself, what do you really want?


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