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Scared Of A Skills Shortage? Thrive! TV Tips

You want to leave your job and set up your own business, or take a big new step in your current business but you stop, you hesitate. You’re scared From my research I know you are probably scared that you will fail, and fail because you don’t have the right skills to do it successfully. This fear can paralyze us, and we end up doing nothing. We dream about taking the leap but because we don’t think it will work, instead if trying anyway, we do nothing. The best way to beat a fear is to meet it head on! So, if you think you don’t have the right skills to do something, stop guessing and get some facts together! It’s time for a look under the bonnet and time for a skills audit. These are really simple to do… Think about the job or business you want to create What skills are needed – if you don’t know go and ask someone that does that type of thing already Review your list – and mark out of 10 how well you think you can do the skills required Then make a decision – will you learn how to do it, or outsource it Volia! You have the facts – a true picture of how big… or small your skills shortage really is Would you like a weekly burst of momentum delivered straight into your in box? Simply click on the button below, we’ll send you the latest tip each week! Sign me up for weekly Thrive!... read more

Phobic About Finance? Thrive! TV Tips

Do your numbers scare you? Are you phobic about finance? Could you tell me how much your business earned last month, last week or even last year? If you are only looking at your business finances at tax time, you are not running a business but you are running an expensive hobby. The more we know about the numbers in the business, the more we understand about it. I know that the thought of getting out the bank statements and checking them against invoices and receipts can seem like a terrible job, but if you are to know the health of your business it is essential. Hiding away form the numbers will probably leave you feeling worse about your business than you need to. I know from the experience of my clients, that they often think their financial situation is much worse than it really is. So you need to embrace the numbers and do it frequently. Leaving it all to tax time means you are already out of date by the time you get them.   Your Action: Here are some easy steps to take to get up to date with your numbers: Block out an afternoon in your diary Gather all of your bank statements and receipts On a big piece of paper or a spreadsheet, enter all of the money that came in each month. Add that up, as that is your income. Then underneath that all of your receipts, debit card and credit card bills and put those in each month – that is your expenses. Simply take away the expenses from your income, and... read more

Should I Stay Or Go? Thrive! TV Tips

Procrastination can be a wonderful thing to keep us safe but it can also keep us stuck! Should I stay or go? If you are wondering if you should leave your job and start your business, or maybe you feel as if it is a step too far and it scares you, but the job isn’t doing it for you either… then try this, I call it my Sliding Doors visualization. Say you have 2 choices… stay in my job, or leave and set up my business. Choice 1 and choice 2. What I want you to do is to spend time imaging what your life would be like in 5 years if you took choice 1, or if you chose choice 2. Really visualize choice 1 – imagine how it would be to live your life, remaining in your job now. What you would do every day, how much you would earn, who you would meet, what would you love and where would you be challenged? Then visualize, if you can, 5 years into the future with the 2nd option… starting up your job. Imagine what it’s like to set up your business in 5 years time. Who will you be dealing with, who are your customers and what will your life be like? What will make you happy; what will stress you? When you have taken time to visualize your future outcomes you can start to understand the impact of the two decisions. That will give you give you clarity about what your futures may be. [new_line] Would you like a weekly burst of momentum delivered straight... read more

The Relationship Between Massages And Money – Thrive! TV Tips

When did you last have a massage, or a manicure or do something to really pamper yourself? Cast your mind back to when you took some time out for pampering. How did you feel after the experience? Chances are you felt special, re-energized and rejuvenated. You probably felt like you could smile more easily, relax a little more and that the world was a much better place. How do you think that state of being impacted your customers and your prospects? Was it easier for you to have sales conversations, to do your work or to be more magical at networking events? We are our business. How we feel about ourselves and our lives is reflected in how we do our work. If you are feeling exhausted, sad or resentful it will seep into your work. Your clients and potential customers will feel it. Imagine how that will impact sales. I always think there is a direct correlation between how well I look after myself and my sales success.   Your Action: Plan something in the next week to relax, rejuvenate and get your passion back for your business. Your sales figures will thank you for it! Would you like a weekly burst of momentum delivered straight into your in box? Simply click on the button below, we’ll send you the latest tip each week! Sign me up for weekly Thrive!... read more

In The Doldrums With Your Business? Thrive! TV Tips

Do you feel a bit deflated and in the doldrums about your business? Have you lost that original shine of why you started the business in the first place? Chances are you have lost sight of where you want to take your business and you feel stuck, lack luster, that your hard work is making NO difference and you are having no impact. The simplest way to get your mojo back is to reconnect with the future success of your business. Imagine your business is as successful as you want it to be – wouldn’t you be excited about it then? Wouldn’t it make the hard work worth it? It sounds easy to talk about it, but I know from my own experience when you are in the doldrums it’s hard to feel the love! So if you want to reconnect and start to fall in love with your business again, try these 3 simple steps: Create a vision board – a beautiful vision board that is evocative with lots of yummy images on it that represents how you want your business to be in 5 years. Create a set of goals –that will bring you closer to the vision in the next 12 months. Look at your vision board and goals – do this EVERY DAY. Looking at your board everyday will reinforce the big reason why you are doing this business, and then give you some tangible goals to go after. You will remember why you are doing it and engage with the impact you want to make in the world. Your Action:   Vision board 3... read more

How Confident Are You About Leaving Your Job? Thrive! TV Tips

When we start thinking about leaving our job we need to feel confident around our idea and leaving our lives as we know it This can be a place of uncertainty and not feeling confident about our new business idea can make us feel stuck. If you want to feel more confident about your new business idea before you take the plunge to leave you need to take the 3-step plan: Your Action:   First of all socialize your business idea – tell your friends and family about it – ask them what they think Get support – you must have the right support in place as you make the change and discover this new life Skills – do you have the right skills to do the job – complete a skills audit to make sure Would you like a weekly burst of momentum delivered straight into your in box? Simply click on the button below, we’ll send you the latest tip each week! Sign me up for weekly Thrive!... read more

Do You Squirm When You Mention Price? Thrive! TV Tips

Be honest, when you mention price to a prospect over the phone or face to face, do you squirm inside? You know what I mean – you hesitate, look down and say gently, your asking price. Inside you are squirming! And you are thinking, ‘Oh maybe I should have made it less, maybe it’s too much and they’ll say no.’ And then, because the squirming is SO bad inside, you offer to discount even before they have had a chance to respond. Or you offer payment plans… or worse, offer to do it for free. When I started coaching 10 years ago, that was my approach… ugh! If this sounds like you, you need to be more confident in your pricing strategy and truly understand and own your value. Here are 3 key steps to help you leave the squirming behind: Market research – Is your price set at the right level? Check out the competition and what your prospects will pay. You deserve it – Write a list of 20 (yes 20) reasons why you deserve to be paid that much… experience, training, clients etc, etc. Know your value – It is imperative that you know and totally believe in the value that your offering gives your customers. When you believe they will as well. Write a list of the 20 ways in which customers benefit from working with you.   Your Action:   Stop squirming and embrace your value! Take the time to complete the 3 steps – market research, why you deserve it and know your value. Write it all down and then review your price.... read more

Do You Have The Skills You Need To Leave Your Job? Thrive! TV Tips

  When we are thinking about leaving our jobs to create a new business, we can feel daunted that we may not have the right skills and experiences to be successful. If this sounds like you, then try completing a skills audit and see how closely you measure up! Then you will know what else you need to learn before you crossover. Your Action: Do a skills audit! A skills audit can be completed in the following way: Think about the business you wish to create List out what you think all the skills are that are needed to run it If you don’t know, go and ask someone already doing it Then compare your skills against the list and where you feel you have some gaps, consider how you might make that gap smaller – do a course, work for free, or get some volunteer experience [new_line] Would you like a weekly burst of momentum delivered straight into your in box? Simply click on the button below, we’ll send you the latest tip each week! Sign me up for weekly Thrive!... read more

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