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Is Your Success Out Of Date? Thrive! TV Tips

“Is this it? What made me think this would be a good decision?! I must have been crazy to quit my job and start my own business. No one told me it would be this hard.” “I can’t believe I left my old job, what was I thinking. When I planned this sabbatical/new job, I thought it would be the best thing in the world. But, if I am honest, I hate it.” I have heard these laments and many like them from my clients. Setting out on a new path for our lives can be much more challenging than we imagined. We often underestimate the impact of the change and how hard it can be to accept and embrace. When we work as an employee, our success criteria are often based on those external markers given to us by our company. Elements such as salary and benefits package, title, class of business travel and number of staff reporting to you can be how we measure our success in the corporate world. Starting up our own business we change many things; what we do, our title, our working structure and our place of work. But very rarely do we update our success criteria. It can be easy during transition to feel as if you are not a success any longer because the previous external markers have disappeared. In the initial stages of any career change, knowing how we judge our own success is critical in keeping our confidence, optimism and energy high. We must know deeply what success is for us. This personal definition of success will be different... read more

Why Do You Do It? Thrive! TV Tips

Before you jump off the corporate ladder and leave your job behind to start up your business, take some time to get really, really clear on why you are doing it Your business will take a lot from you time, energy and money. It may even cost you relationships, your health and other opportunities. Before you fully commit to this, it is imperative that you get clear on the big reason WHY you are doing this business… When you go through those slumps and twists and turns, you need to know what the big idea is and your compelling reason why. This will keep you going in your darkest hour – it is WHY it matters. Also knowing your reason why at this early stage will help you to create the business on your terms. For instance, do you want to be financially free, or have a lifestyle business, with lots of flexibility to work around the kids? Your Action: Ask yourself these questions: Why is this important? What difference will it make to you? What difference will it make to your customers? Why do you want to start this – freedom, flexibility, passion? To use your expertise?        ... read more

Lost Your Life? Thrive! TV Tips

Yes, I know it’s there somewhere but chances are if you are running your own business, you may feel as if you have LOST YOUR LIFE Does this sound familiar – you are sitting on the coach for some relaxing time with the family but in reality, you have your tablet on your lap, and you are doing your social media, checking your email? So work creeps in, again. Or it’s Sunday morning, and instead of relaxing, making coffee and catching up on the papers, you are catching up on writing a report that is due in Monday. So if you feel that you don’t know where work ends and your personal life begins I recommend that you start to create some simple boundaries and stick to them. Remember it is you who controls your diary and ultimately your time. You are the one in charge of you! Too often we forget this in the rush of our lives. And if we feel like we are working all the time, we never get a real chance to recuperate, rest and feel rejuvenated for the next working day. So if you want to get rejuvenated, try these actions   Set a start time for work everyday – and your brain will thank you for it, if it’s the same time every day Finish work at the same time every day Doing this will make you feel like you have control over your working day, encourage you to put down those devices and reconnect with your personal time.   Would you like a weekly burst of momentum delivered straight into your... read more

Frigid About Finance? Thrive! TV Tips

Is finance leaving you frigid? Are you waking up at 2am wondering how you will pay the mortgage? You know you would really love to create the new business you are dreaming of but you are terrified it won’t make any money. Before you complete your business plan, take some time out to do some personal accounting instead. You need to make a safety net of cash to cover you just in case the business doesn’t take off like you thought it would. So, get your calculator out and work out how much money you need each month to cover your living expenses – your housing, food, utilities, clothes, travel, holidays etc. Then start saving! If you want to loosen up your fear around finances when you start your own business, having set aside a safety net of 8 months worth of living expenses will do that. Your Action: calculate how much you need to live on for each month start a savings plan That will help you rest easy and get back to your business... read more

When Do You Send Out The Bailiffs? Thrive TV Tips

Are Bad Debts Ruining Your Cash Flow? [new_line] Do you resent those clients who aren’t paying you on time, especially when you have spent late nights getting your work done on time or getting their delivery to them it doesn’t seem fair.[new_line] A poor and mismanaged cash flow is a disaster for any business. When you run out of cash, you can’t pay your suppliers or your staff and you have to borrow money. This can be an expensive option.[new_line] Instead of getting bitter and twisted about it, not to mention extremely worried, use this system to manage your cash flow and start to feel in control of your debtors.[new_line] 1. Create an Invoice Due Date:[new_line] Put it on your invoice. Maybe its 14 days, or 30 days, it is up to you. But you need to decide and then place it clearly on your invoice.[new_line] 2. Set yourself three reminders in your calendar:[new_line] i) 2 days before it is due ii) the due date iii) 5 days after the due date [new_line] 3. Use the reminders like this:[new_line] i) 2 days before hand – check if it has been paid[new_line] If it has – great! If not, send them a reminder that the invoice is due on ‘x’ date, and that you are looking forward to their prompt payment.[new_line] ii) On the due date – check again if it has been paid[new_line] Fab if it has, you might even want to thank them. If it hasn’t been paid send them an email reminder requesting payment within 5 days.[new_line] iii) 5 days after the due date – check again[new_line]... read more

Are you one of the 68%? Thrive! TV Tips

Are you one of the 68% of women who are making less in their bushiness than when they had a job? Yep, last year I did some research amongst corporate crossovers and I discovered that 68% of them are making less in their new business than in their last job… 68%. I think this is a crying shame and it is my mission in Corporate Crossovers to bring this number down. So why is it so high? And how can you be sure not to be in the mix?   Your Action: Firstly, set goals for your business. If you don’t have a financial target for your business, you will never reach it. That may sound obvious but so many business owners I meet don’t have financial targets and so they are just glad to cover their expenses and get by. Then, track your income every day! Look at how much money you have made each day versus your monthly target. I do this and I credit it with being the key factor to doubling my business revenue in one year. Why did it work? Every day, I look at my financial goals and then think about how much I have earned. I compare the two and it motivates me to keep selling and focus on the numbers. This simple little task takes 2 or 3 minutes at the end of the day and you will start to feel empowered and proud of the income you generate each day. And I know, that over time, with that level of focus on your financial goal, you will reach it.  ... read more

Kill Your Dead Time – Thrive! TV Tips

I have never met a bored business owner We all have growing to do lists, and not enough time to do them. We are always busy and want to have more than 24 hours in a day. So much time can be wasted by switching between different types of tasks and by commuting times to meeting. This is dead time. Because, not only does your brain need to switch a gear when you are transitioning between tasks, but you also need to shift your energy. And lets be honest, sometimes we struggle to find the energy to create, and other times we can’t stop ourselves. Or maybe you are an early morning person and that I the best time for you to create or to crunch numbers. Personally, I love to write in the morning. I have a clear head, my mind is free, the house is quiet and I can write… but in the late afternoon, it is much harder. So if you want to be more productive – kill your dead time now! Start to observe when the best time of day is for you, or even which day in the week to do certain tasks on. Start to schedule all the similar activities that match your energy flow the best and see what difference it makes. So it might be that you have Monday mornings for writing proposals and research, Monday afternoon for email processing, Tuesday for client meetings etc. Your Action:   Start to notice how you feel about doing certain tasks on certain days and times. Then devise a new schedule that more closely... read more

Sneaky Peeks Harm Your Business – Thrive! TV Tips

You caught me! I was checking my email in between takes… and in fact by taking a sneaky peek, I am harming my business!   The temptation of smart phones and tablets is to check our email constantly. The device never leaves our hands and so we always feel compelled to check. Just in case![new_line] The trouble with this is that we end up READING our email not PROCESSING it. This means that our inbox becomes crammed full of read but unprocessed emails. Which means that we then have to waste time by rereading the email before we process it – double handling is a waste of time.[new_line] Worse still, when we read an email, sometimes it’s contents can be hard to remove from our head… so we walk around thinking about that email and using up valuable brain space! Whereas if we had actioned it the first time we read it, it would be out of our inbox and out of our head – freeing our energy up.[new_line]   Your Action: Turn off the email from your device and when you sit to ‘do’ email – actually process it, not just read it.[new_line] Would you like a weekly burst of momentum delivered straight into your in box? Simply click on the button below, we’ll send you the latest tip each week! Sign me up for weekly Thrive!... read more

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