Thrive! TV Tips ~ Are you always being your best self?


Come on be honest – are you always being your best self when you are working?


Ask yourself this – would you work in the same way if you knew you had a camera crew watching or your biggest customer? [new_line]
Imagine how different you would work if you did have a customer by your side every minute of every day – what would you do differently?
Would you be more organised, tidier, have a back up system in place? Would you have more systems in place or would you have a different attitude? Would you be more professional in your day-to-day actions and ultimately start running your business like a business?[new_line]

Your Action:

This week imagine that you have film crew following you around as you work. Go on, really imagine it – take note of how you are behaving. What are you doing differently and what impact are you having?[new_line]

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