Thrive! TV Tip ~ Who is at the center of your business?


Who is at the center of your business? If you answered YOU – wrong, wrong, wrong!


Yes, I realize that you probably do everything which makes you the operational center of the business but that isn’t what I meant…the person that really needs to be at the center of your business is your customer.[new_line]
When you are considering marketing ideas, think of who your customer is and how they will best receive your marketing messages.[new_line]
If you are creating new products and services, you need to really think about their problems and how you can best solve them and if you are thinking about pricings…well you can guess the rest. [new_line]
Making the customer the center of your business will really help you create products and services that your customer wants to buy, will find out about and will be delighted by how you serve them. [new_line]

Your Action:

Think about all of the processes in your business, consider if your customer is at the heart of them…or not – and then start to adjust as you need to. [new_line]

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