Thrive! TV Tip ~ Where is your business dream team?


Sometimes you need one

You know, when you have to make a huge decision and you just don’t know what to do, or you feel like you and your business are stagnating and you need a big boost to get your mojo back or maybe you just miss that comradeship and banter and instant advice you had in the office. [new_line]
Create one! Create your own business dream team…….think about who would be on your ideal team, to support you, giving you advice, ideas and a bit of love! [new_line]
Imagine if you met once a month just to talk about your business, to toss around ideas, solve you problems, give you some moral support and remind you of the great job you are doing? [new_line]
And imagine if they were people you trusted, doing different things to you, and whose counsel you valued.[new_line]
Chances are you know some people already you could put into your dream team…and I would bet, they would love to be involved and have their own dream team too! [new_line]
A dream team like this will help you feel supported, motivated and inspired – something I’m sure you need a little more of all the time. [new_line]

Your Action:

Write down 5 people you could contact who would be your dream team. Ask them if they would like to get together once a month to brainstorm ideas to help with your business and theirs…[new_line]

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  • Beatriz Garcia-Martinez

    Wendy, as always you are a source of inspiration and wisdom for “lonely” entrepreneurs and I will certainly put you on my dream team list :-)

    • Wendy_Kerr

      Aw – shucks 😉
      Thanks for that……glad you like the thoughts!

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