Thrive! TV Tip ~ What do you cost your business?


Have you ever taken a moment to understand what you cost your business?

Think about it – if you had a revenue goal of 100,000 per year – and you costed your time per hour to get that figure – do you know what it would be? [new_line]
There is a long formula that works this out but the essence of it is, to get to 100,000 per year your time is worth 122 per hour …122 dollars, pounds, euros whatever… [new_line]
So if your value to the business is 122 per hour, then how much is standing in the queue at the post office costing you? ….. you’re right 122!!! [new_line]
Think about what difference it would make if you had a lower cost resource standing in that queue for you – the maybe someone you paid £20 to, then you would have that hour back to be doing higher value activities to really build your business[new_line]

Your Action:

Think about what your time is costing you – as you start a new task ask yourself – am I really the best person to be doing this?[new_line]

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