Thrive! TV Tip ~ Kick start your day!

In this week’s Thrive! TV Tip, I’ll look at how you can try a different start to your day to be more effective.

I would love to know how you choose to kick start your day!

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  • Oma Edoja

    Great tip, Wendy. Thanks for sharing!
    I can see how physically leaving the house and coming back could help make a shift in thinking. And yes, it’s important to get dressed for work too!
    It also helps to plan the day in advance so that each day starts with a to-do list or schedule of some sort. Then we can just dive in and get things done.

    Thanks again for sharing, Wendy!


    • wendykerr

      Hi Oma
      It is those little things that can really make the difference in our day and set our mind straight…..

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