Thrive! TV Tip ~ Is your business niche narrow enough?


Have you ever wondered why is a niche important for business owners?

You know everyone says you need one.

Watch this Thrive! TV Tip and learn why a niche is critical for your business success.[new_line]
A business niche helps you be an expert in your field[new_line]
A niche will make you focus your offering  – you can’t be all things to all people.[new_line]
Importantly, a niche will allow you to get to know one of your markets really, really well – so you can spend time crafting the marketing message, finding out what their concerns are and effectively meeting them.[new_line]
Ultimately, a well defined niche will make our more efficient, focus and you will become an expert in your field – you want to be the GO TO person![new_line]
When I first started out, I had a business that targeted female entrepreneurs – a niche but a very broad one! I then narrowed it to working with woman who have left corporate to set up their own businesses, or are thinking about it, and now that is a niche I love and people know how to refer to me.[new_line]

Your Action:

Review your target market – is it working for you, or could you make it narrower and really focus your effort?
An easy way to see if its working is to review all of your past customers and see the similarities between them – this may give you some clues about your niche.
Let me know how you get on![new_line]


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