Thrive! TV Tip ~ Is your networking an expensive waste of time?


Many of you attend networking events. The more the better, right?

We are told that networking is the best way to get new customers, referrals for our business and we will have so much success! [new_line]
Yes, that is all true but many women I know only do half networking. That is, they turn up to the meeting, have a lovely time, meet really great people, and talk about their business in an engaging way and bang that’s all.
The then leave, and don’t do anything until the next month.[new_line]
If that’s your approach, frankly, stay at home – don’t bother going out. [new_line]

To make networking really work for you and your business you MUST follow up. Send the people you met an email, a linked in invitation – something to have an electronic connection. And then, if you felt an inclination, arrange to have a coffee – face-to-face or virtual, so you can continue the conversation. [new_line]
It is only after the initial meeting that ideas and opportunities will flow, and that is when your networking will start to transform your business! [new_line]

Your Action:

Take your calendar, and find your next networking event. The day after the event, schedule an hour for networking follow up.

This will mean that you actually have the time to make those connections and put some life into your network! [new_line]

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