Thrive TV Tip ~ How much do you reveal?


Do you put your prices on the website or not?


This is such a common dilemma – Do you put your prices on the website or not?
People are generally in two camps – those that say NO don’t put them in, are scared that they will scare off the potential customers by seeming too expensive.[new_line]
Others that say DO, want to avoid time waters and tire kickers who use up their free call and their precious time with no intention of buying.[new_line]
My advice – for your products, absolutely put your price on the page. Let people know what they are getting for that price, and be very clear on the value they receive. [new_line]
But for your services, those less tangible things, I would say do not put them on – you need to get people to interact with you so they can see the value of what they are getting.
People say no on price but will say yes when they understand the value.[new_line]

Your Action:

Decide on your pricing visibility and check your marketing materials to ensure you really spell out the value
Let me know how you get on![new_line]

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