Thrive! TV Tip ~ Have you outgrown your peers?

When you are growing your business you grow as a person.

The one thing I know from talking to hundreds of business owners is that they and their business become inextricably linked. This is because we all think about our business a lot! Mostly, when we are awake – and that’s a lot of time! [new_line]
The other thing with our businesses, is that they will stretch us and challenge us to do things that really move us out of our comfort zone…and when we do this we grow at such a deep level.[new_line]Sometimes, the people around us aren’t growing at the same rate, and may feel a little threatened by our bursts! Or you may start to feel stifled by them…if you think this is happening, start to stretch out – think about who else you could spend time with to represent where you want your business to go to. [new_line]

Your Action:

Take some time to think about how you can to grow in the next 12 months. Who do you know that represents this growth? Can you start to get them to know them and spend more time with them? [new_line]

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