Thrive! TV Tip ~ Fed up with your business plateau?


If your business is stuck and you’re frustrated that it’s not growing.


Even with all of the work you are putting into it…take a look in the mirror! [new_line]
I want you to ask yourself, are you really doing what it takes to move the business up to the next level?
Or are you playing it safe and doing the same old thing, just more of it, hoping that you will get a different result?
Einstein has been quoted as saying ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result’, so take a look at yourself in the mirror and really ask yourself, what do I need to be doing differently you get a different result? [new_line]
And you will know the answer, it is those things that may take some courage to do, that always magically end up at the bottom of your to so list because you are too busy.[new_line]

Your Action:

Find three things that you know will make a big difference to your business but you have never got around to doing them…. do them, DO THEM! As soon as you have finished watching this – do them NOW!!![new_line]

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