Thrive TV Tip ~ Does selling turn you off?


Tell me, how do you really feel about selling?


Do you love it, or does the thought of asking for the order, closing the deal and squeezing the sale fill you with dread???[new_line]
You are not alone! Many people I know dread selling but realise it is an essential part of their business.
When you think of selling is the next logical step for someone to take with you, it takes away the dread, and the sliminess…[new_line]
I like to think of marketing and sales as part of a continuum…

the KNOW  –  LIKE   –  TRUST  –  BUY   continuum…. [new_line]
Think about how you buy a service. First of all you have to KNOW about that person or service.

Then you have to LIKE them and then you need to build up TRUST. Only then will you buy from someone. [new_line]
So if you spend time building up the know, like and trust part of your marketing, the conversion to a sale will be much easier and the next logical step for someone to take with you.

Your Action:

Review your marketing – are you opening with enough time and effort to increase the know, like and trust factor in your prospects before you ask for the order? Take some time to review.
Let me know how you get on![new_line]

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