Thrive! TV Tip ~ Do you show the real you?


People buy people – we have heard that cliché a million times.


But it’s true. Especially in this competitive and recessionary world that we now live in. [new_line]
Think about how you buy services – you ultimately have to know, like and trust someone before you part with your hard earned cash – right? [new_line]
So it’s the same for your prospects…think about how you can add more of you and your own authentic voice in everything you do and create to market your business.[new_line]
Then people can start to get to know you, and ultimately grow their trust in you so they will buy.[new_line]

Your Action:

Write down 10 reasons why your customer buy from you – and then ten wonderful points about what it is about you that you bring to your business that no one else has. Take these points and start to weave them into your marketing messages – your website, your promotional material, how you introduce yourself at networking meetings [new_line]

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