Thrive! TV Tip ~ Are your clients misbehaving?


It’s your fault!

It is up to you to tell them how to behave.

Watch this Thrive! TV Tip and learn how to help your clients behave.[new_line]
What expectations do you set with your clients on how they are to work with you?[new_line]
Do you tell them what your expectations are in terms of being paid, giving you orders with enough lead time, turning up to their appointments on time, or cancelling at the last minute? [new_line]
Think about what frustrates you about your clients’ behavior … and then take a moment to reflect – what have you told them about how they are to behave? I bet you haven’t set out clearly what your expectations are.[new_line]

Your Action:

Take some time now and write down you frustrations on one column, and then next to that write down what could be a new standard that you ask for?[new_line]
Then write this into an agreement, or working together with me document. And start giving it out to your new clients – I do this, and it helps. You look more professional and your clients know how to act with you.[new_line]

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