Thrive! TV Tip ~ Are you worth more?


How often have you wondered “what would it be like if I charged more?”


What if I commanded a fabulous premium on my services? [new_line]

Do you know, the only thing that stops us from doing that is us! Mmmm, it is our own thinking that stops us from creating the super-duper dream package that would enable us to finally get paid what we are worth.[new_line]
Imagine if you had that package and your customer started buying it – what difference would that make for you?

Your Action:

I want you to create a super-duper dream package or product. [new_line]Think about this – if you had a dream customer, who appreciated the value of what you sold and really needed it, what could you create to delight them? To really over deliver? [new_line]Think about all the detail that would go into this package…and then what would you charge??? [new_line]Go on – do this – just by imagining this and writing something down will give you new ideas. And then – just to stretch you a bit more –I want you to launch it![new_line]

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