Thrive! TV Tip ~ Are you too nice when you network?


Women are too relational when we network; we need to be more transactional like men.


Have you heard this? This conclusion is based on the many studies done to exemplify the difference in men and women in business. Apparently, we are too nice when we network and never ask for what we want. [new_line]
You know, as much as I don’t like saying this – I think there is some truth in it. So often the women I network with want to have a nice chat over a cup of tea, and that’s wonderful because  we all need those at times. But if I am building my business and I know what my time costs my business, there has to be some objective behind it.
I’m not suggesting we get all mercenary here and sell hard – in fact quite the opposite. You need to enter these meetings with an objective, an objective that will help your business.[new_line]
For instance, I had a fabulous follow up meeting with an interior designer. My objective was to understand more about the networks and clubs she belonged to in London. We had a great meeting and she gave me the name of a network she was involved in. The brilliant thing about what was I then was asked to speak at their meeting, and I found some new clients.[new_line]

Your Action:

Next time you are networking and have a one on one follow up meeting, before you do, create an objective for the meeting? What would you like to know that this person could help you with that may help your business? [new_line]

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  • Vivienne Goldstein

    Spot on Wendy. Thank you for stating clearly what I’d been thinking about.

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