Thrive! TV Tip ~ Are you tired of running an expensive hobby?


If you are not keeping score you are only practicing

Since I’m a business coach, you would expect me to talk about goals….right? But why do we speak about goals so much and why are they critical to your business success? [new_line]
If you don’t have goals you are running an expensive hobby – not a business. [new_line]
Goals are essential for your business because they: [new_line]
1. Help you know how to spend your  most precious resources of time, energy and money to best affect to get your goals for your business. [new_line]
2. Goals will provide you direction and a sense of ‘what it’s all for’ and a reminder of what you are trying to achieve with the work and effort you are investing. [new_line]
3. Goals will help you make decisions faster – when faced with a decision, ask yourself – will this help me toward my goals or not?[new_line]

Your Action:

If you haven’t already, create at least two goals for your business – one financial – how much revenue you would like to earn in your business in the coming year, and the second, is how many customers you need to get that revenue. [new_line]

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