Thrive! TV Tip ~ Are You A Turn Off on the Phone?


Ever considered what impact your phone technique has on your callers? Be honest – do you give them your full attention or use the time to quickly send a tweet?

This week’s Thrive! TV Tip will give you some simple techniques to make you more magnetic on the phone.

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  • Franziska

    Hi Wendy,

    thank you for this nice reminder which comes right on time : ) Although I’d think I am usually welcoming on the phone, it’s easily forgotten when call connection or reception are bad. Yet have to find a good concept to handle disruptions.

    Happy holidays,

    • wendykerr

      Hi Franziska
      Thanks for your comment – it can feel frustrating when reception is weak and sometimes that can leak into our phone manner – eeek! It sounds like you are well aware of this and doing well
      Hope all is well with you

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