The Secret To Keeping Your Customers

The Secret To Keeping Your CustomersWe all know that without customers our businesses wouldn’t exist, but do we really honour this essential role they have?

I know when we first get a new customer, we can be like a teenager in love, thinking about them, wondering how we can delight them and service their every need. But as the relationship matures, that first burst of lust dissipates. The what?

Are you still thinking about them as much, wanting to over service? Or do they become demanding, reliant on you and not as much fun to hang around compared to your new conquest?

Once we have had a customer for a while, and I have had a few of mine for over eight years, it can be easy to start taking them, and their business for granted.

Their requests appear to be demands, their funny little foibles become annoying traits and your feeling of delight when you work with them has left.

If you are feeling this, chances are they’re feeling this too

Take some time out to reflect on your customer relationships. Where are they? In the first flush of lust, or toxic like an acrimonious couple, or somewhere in between?

Then consider, how do you really want this relationship to be?

Do you want them as a customer, or has the relationship gone past its use by date? Or have you let things slip, and you want to recapture the past joy?

Customers are key to our business. Without them, we simply wouldn’t have one.

Let me know where your love is for your customers and how you will step it up!

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