The Relationship Between Massages And Money – Thrive! TV Tips

When did you last have a massage, or a manicure or do something to really pamper yourself?

Cast your mind back to when you took some time out for pampering.

How did you feel after the experience?

Chances are you felt special, re-energized and rejuvenated. You probably felt like you could smile more easily, relax a little more and that the world was a much better place.

How do you think that state of being impacted your customers and your prospects? Was it easier for you to have sales conversations, to do your work or to be more magical at networking events?

We are our business.

How we feel about ourselves and our lives is reflected in how we do our work. If you are feeling exhausted, sad or resentful it will seep into your work. Your clients and potential customers will feel it. Imagine how that will impact sales.

I always think there is a direct correlation between how well I look after myself and my sales success.


Your Action:

Plan something in the next week to relax, rejuvenate and get your passion back for your business. Your sales figures will thank you for it!

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  • Beatriz

    Dear Wendy,

    Another pearl of wisdom here!
    I am following your advice not because I feel run down but because I want to put some “distance” from the busy world out there and celebrate a 2013 full of accomplishments and prepare my mood and energy levels for the 2014 ahead.

    Soooo I am having a distress Swidish massage with a tea ritual experience on the 30th Dec and to start the year “properly” I have booked myself 4hs of hairdresser treatments, vibrant hair coloring to face the grim winter in London and full scalp, neck and shoulders massage as a cherry on the cake-day :-)))

    I can’t wait for both days and for the 2014 to bring full of fantastic new challenges.

    Thank you very much for your support and FAB mini videos, I love seeing you in my in box 😉


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