Does being thankful help your business?

sunsetThe familiar sounds of the Skype chime rang, and I answered the call to Sophie, a newish coaching client. She had recently left her job to start up her one business, and we were working together to make her business fly!

In talking with Sophie, she outlined all that she had achieved since our last call together. She had done a lot, briefed a website designer, set up her tax status, hired a Book-keeper and started testing her value proposition. All of these task individually are big undertakings, and she had done all of them and some more in our hiatus.

I acknowledged her in what a great job she had done, completing so much in a short space of time. But all she could focus on was on what she hadn’t done.

She was more consumed with what was remaining on her to-do list than what had been ticked off. Thus she felt dissatisfied with her progress, and wondered when she would ever get on top of her new business.

Sadly, Sophie’s response is typical. Most of us focus on what we haven’t achieved rather than what we have. This leaves us feeling lacking, less than able or completely overwhelmed as we know we are working really hard but not moving forward.

Our brains are wired to make us more aware of problems and limitation than solution and opportunity.

This is because, as early man …yes, probably lurking in the caves, when we saw problems or limitations, we sensed danger, and then we took action to stop us from being eaten or killed.

To protect us from harm, our brain still continues to look for problems today, even though the threats have changed significantly.

So, to overcome this natural predisposition, I recommend that my clients have a success shower daily!

In the same way we shower to freshen up, feel revitalised in our body, I want you to do yeah same for your mind.

Here are three easy steps for a success shower.

1. Make 5 minutes at the end of each day for your ‘shower’

2. Create a special file in your device, or buy a beautiful notebook to write in

3. Then, at the end of each day, reflect on the day that’s been. What’s gone well.

What have you achieved, what’s been a success?

Think and observe the day that has past, and write down those three things. They can be big or small.

Then, over time you will find yourself naturally observing your actions during the day, looking for positives that you can write in your success file. This will change how you view your progress, and you will naturally start think about all you have done instead of what hasn’t been done. Your confidence about the progress in your business will grow.

I would love to know how your daily success shower moves your thinking on. Please comment below.


  • Joanna Pieters

    I love to do this. Every day it sends me an email asking what I’ve done, prompting me to reply. It’s quick and easy (and free), and i can log in at any time to track back when I did things. It has exactly that effect of recognising what I have done, or on really unproductive days, making me ask how I can make things better.

    • Wendy Kerr

      Hi Joanna
      Thanks for your suggestion – that is such a great tool. It’s like a built in accountability tracker! And I love how it helps you be more productive, even on those days when you would rather not!

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