Women At The Top?  – Not in Corporates

Women At The Top? – Not in Corporates

Last night BBC 2 provided us with some gripping television which is a major feat considering the Paralympics are grabbing the viewing audience. Hilary Devey, a British multimillionaire entrepreneur, presented a programme called “Women At The Top.” Designed to discover why there are so few senior women in UK corporates. And a severe lack of women at the top. It was a great programme but it reminded me of the superficial presentations we all get a company induction day, that day when, after we start at a new company, all new recruits sit through hours of powerpoint presentations in a stuffy room having one manager after another show vision statements,  organisation charts and strategy slides in an effort to educate us about the business. And we learn about the business but we are never told the real nitty gritty of how the organisation really works, and how you need to behave to fit in and be a success. Women At The Top was a little like that. It did a great job in raising the issues and informing us of the reality of the inequity between the genders as the seniority of the positions changes. It gave brilliant examples of how women and men operate differently in groups and at the workplace. It showed how Proctor and Gamble examined the productivity of its project teams based on gender, and found that those with an equal balance performed 5% more effectively. And when your profit is close to $9 billion, a percentage point can make a massive difference to the dividend return. So why do I think it could have gone...
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