You Need a Success Makeover

You Need a Success Makeover This month we will be discussing “Success – You Need A Makeover!” When we leave corporate work to set up our own business we have to redefine many things. How we work, our employment status, our title and many other elements. From my experience in working with Corporate Crossovers® , they very rarely update their criteria of success. This can leave them feeling unsuccessful and yearning for a different time, even yearning to go back to their jobs! This can also lead to apathy about their business and lowering self esteem. If you haven’t updated your success criteria – tonight you will get a success makeover! On this call you will discover: What does success mean anyway? How you used to value your success A quick way to make over and update your success criteria NOW! Three top tools to keep success alive and well – everyday! In the last decade I have worked with many women who have left their jobs in the corporate world to set up their own businesses. I call these women Corporate Crossovers. Leaving the world of work behind can be extremely exhilarating and it can also be massively challenging – sometimes on the same day, or even the same hour! These women will seek my assistance when they are fed up with their business and they don’t feel like they are succeeding. They are often at the point when they feel like they should get real and get a job and start making decent money again. They don’t feel like they are succeeding. The Oxford English dictionary defines success as ‘ the...
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