How Many Hats do you Wear as a Business Owner?

How Many Hats do you Wear as a Business Owner? This month we will be discussing “How Many Hats Can One Woman Wear?” When we start our own businesses it can be startling how many different roles we have to play in a week or even in one day! We have left the comforts of the support framework our old jobs gave us and now we have to do it all ourselves….. From my experience in working with Corporate Crossovers® this can be exhausting, overwhelming and frustrating as they seem to spend more time on the stuff to keep the business ticking over as opposed to the work that they wanted to do when they first started the business. If you feel like you are wearing too many hats….book keeper, tax accountant, personal assistant, IT help desk, office manager, sales department etc etc then this call is for you! On this call you will discover: • How to feel more in control of the many hats you are wearing • A simple way to structure the work that needs to be done • How to feed your spirit, so you get to love what you do again! In your job, when you are wearing many hats, you deal with whatever comes up, whether you have expertise in it or not and you just put up with it.  So you end up spending your precious time in areas that you know little about or have no natural aptitude for. Yet because it’s your own business, you do it anyway. You suffer because you dislike doing some of that ‘stuff’ and frankly your business suffers because you aren’t driving value...
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