Start Your Thinking From Where You Want To Be

shutterstock_3451432I have just got off from my Monthly Accountability Group I lead with a fantastic group of clients. Each month a common theme emerges, something that we all need to learn.

This month we were discussing energy, problem solving and achieving goals –fairly typical for any mastermind type group I know.

The shift came when I paraphrased a quote; “We can best solve our problems when we try and create a solution from where we want to be, not from where we are now”  << click to tweet!

The beauty in this approach is that our thinking changes to be more solution focused. We start to think about how we have already achieved what we wanted, and what steps we have take to get there. We become more mindful of opportunities and accomplishment.

Viewing our problem from where we are now reinforces the issue and commonly we use the same thinking to solve the problem that created it in the first place.

Result? There is no result – just more frustration and stalling.

So, if you have an issue that is preventing you from moving forward, move your thinking. Start to imagine that you have already solved the issue, and achieved what you wanted.

What steps did you take to get what you wanted? What happened?

Imagining that you have already achieved your outcome makes finding the solution so much easier.

I would love to know how you have applied this approach! Let me know below.

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