Space – To Dream, To Ponder, To Wonder What If?

Business DreamsTime is a luxury item.  Precious, finite and always in hot demand.

I am going through significant change in my life at the moment. My business is exploding, I am shifting locations and I am about to enter a long period of intense travel.

My head buzzes with ideas and things to remember and my desk has the mother of all to-do lists on it.

Yet tomorrow afternoon, I am stopping.

I am taking myself away to dream, to imagine and visualize how I really want my future to be

My rational brain is screaming at me “Wendy, how can you, you are far too busy – what about that to-do list!”

Yet, if I don’t, I know I will miss the most wonderful opportunity to create my future.

Tomorrow, I am doing my favourite activity, visioning. It’s time for me to take control of the change, make sense of it all by actively and intuitively deciding what I want.

I am taking myself off to my favourite place in London with a bunch of magazines and I intend to create the most luscious, juicy vision board for my next life stage. Even writing this I am getting goose bumps!

When did you last take the time out to escape the busy-ness and dream. Ponder what you really want your future to be and connect with your deepest longings?

If it’s been a while, schedule it now. I know it will make all the difference in the world.


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