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You caught me! I was checking my email in between takes… and in fact by taking a sneaky peek, I am harming my business!


The temptation of smart phones and tablets is to check our email constantly. The device never leaves our hands and so we always feel compelled to check. Just in case![new_line]

The trouble with this is that we end up READING our email not PROCESSING it. This means that our inbox becomes crammed full of read but unprocessed emails. Which means that we then have to waste time by rereading the email before we process it – double handling is a waste of time.[new_line]

Worse still, when we read an email, sometimes it’s contents can be hard to remove from our head… so we walk around thinking about that email and using up valuable brain space! Whereas if we had actioned it the first time we read it, it would be out of our inbox and out of our head – freeing our energy up.[new_line]


Your Action:

Turn off the email from your device and when you sit to ‘do’ email – actually process it, not just read it.[new_line]

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  • Barbara

    Hello Wendy
    I’ve been realizing this week just how time-consuming it is to read things on my phone because, as you mentioned, I can rarely deal with them there and then and have to read them again later to write an appropriate answer. Your video has helped me from realizing I’m wasting valuable time, to actually taking action.

    I do often delete from my phone, but it is probably still quicker to that on my laptop in my ’email time’.

    I liked the reminder of the four ways of dealing with emails and I noticed it wasn’t included in the text, only your video.

    As always a great post.

    • Wendy Kerr

      Hi Barbara
      Thanks for your comment, I am glad the video struck a chord with you. The four ways of dealing with email are
      1. Do it now
      2. Decide when
      3. Delegate
      4. Dump it

      You can click here to see a ‘vintage’ TV tip where I describe these in more detail.



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