How small things make the biggest difference to your own business

ladybugI’ve already started thinking about my new year’s resolution. I know, we haven’t even got into the final two weeks of the year, and I am jettisoning myself into 2015.

Here is what has led me to my resolutions – a sense of too much change, too many bright shiny things, and frankly, not sticking at one thing long enough to see the difference. For some reason, 2014, has been a very magpie-like year for me. If you have known my journey for the last 18 months you could probably understand why.

However, 2015 promises to be a year of relative stability! So ….drumroll please- – my 2015 resolution is to do small things every day to achieve big change.

When I have focused in such a simple way in the past, it has worked.

Worked for me in that I have gained:

  • More clarity
  • More confidence
  • Calm
  • Increased traction in my business
  • Better financial results

When I dart from here to there, then my results reflect that. I feel constantly on the treadmill, always looking over my shoulder for the next big thing, and seeking more external validation than ever before.

These are not supportive habits to grow a business.

The three small things I will do everyday are:

–       Meditate – to give me calm, clarity and congruence in my thinking

–       Imagine – reflect on my goals (personal and business) and rehearse them coming to fruition

–       Thrive – do something I love! This could be coffee with a friend, a beautiful seas side walk, going to a movie

My M.I.T. plan if you like! 

Even as I write this, I know that this simple framework will provide a foundation for growth for me, and my business.

 I would love to know, what would your three small things every day be? Please share them in the comment box below.


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