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Procrastination can be a wonderful thing to keep us safe but it can also keep us stuck!

Should I stay or go? If you are wondering if you should leave your job and start your business, or maybe you feel as if it is a step too far and it scares you, but the job isn’t doing it for you either… then try this, I call it my Sliding Doors visualization.

Say you have 2 choices… stay in my job, or leave and set up my business. Choice 1 and choice 2.

What I want you to do is to spend time imaging what your life would be like in 5 years if you took choice 1, or if you chose choice 2.

Really visualize choice 1 – imagine how it would be to live your life, remaining in your job now. What you would do every day, how much you would earn, who you would meet, what would you love and where would you be challenged?

Then visualize, if you can, 5 years into the future with the 2nd option… starting up your job. Imagine what it’s like to set up your business in 5 years time. Who will you be dealing with, who are your customers and what will your life be like? What will make you happy; what will stress you?

When you have taken time to visualize your future outcomes you can start to understand the impact of the two decisions. That will give you give you clarity about what your futures may be.


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  • Becky May

    Thank you Wendy for this. I have decided to make my move and set up my business but with 2 weeks until I leave my current job I started getting apprehensive as work has not come in yet.
    This sliding doors technique has helped me to realise that to stay would have been a big mistake no matter what the future holds and that I have definitely made the right decision in leaving to set up my own business. Big thank you

    • Wendy Kerr

      Dear Becky
      Thanks for your comment – I guess you have past the two week mark by now? It sounds like the Sliding Doors exercise was clarifying for you. I am pleased about that.
      How is it going for you now?
      I wish you all the best in your new venture.


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