Shall I change my career?

Screenshot 2015-02-04 04.46.06  February is my busiest month in this business. My clients have typically spent January thinking about getting a new job or starting a business, and (thankfully!) they decide to get some assistance to  work through their options.

If you are sitting at your work desk, staring out the window, wondering if you should stay or go, then try this effective exercise to help clarify your thinking.

This exercise is taken from my best selling book “Corporate Crossovers – when it’s time to leave the office and start your own business”.

A letter to myself – Sliding Doors

This exercise allows you to imagine what life could be like in five years’ time, depending on what decision you make. By thinking five years’ into the future, you loosen your grip on the current reality and your perspective shifts. This will help you make a cleaner decision away from the frenzy of the moment.

Write yourself a letter entitled ‘Sliding Doors – Path A Versus Path B’. You will create two stories of your life, each one dependent on the decision you could take now.

Path A:

Write a story of what your life will be like in five years if you stay in your job, remaining in corporate life.

Path B:

The write another story of what your life will be like in five years if you leave your job now and start your own business or change your job.

In both stories, be as detailed as possible. Describe clearly what your typical day and week would be like for each option five years into the future.

Imagine the sort of work you will be doing, who you will be interacting with, what decisions you will be making, the types of products and services you will be involved with. Consider how much money you will be earning.

Also think about what your personal life will be like in both scenarios. What hours will you be working? How much free time will you have?

What will your stress levels be like? Who will you be spending time with. Who will you be learning from? What holidays will you have?

Once you have completed each story, reflect on them. Ensure you are being honest. What do you think and feel about the different scenarios that you have created? Is there anything you would change?

From the two letters, which five year outcome appeals the most to you? Why?

You can also use this exercise to gain clarity on any major life decision – visioning into what may be, is a powerful place to make decisions from.

Sometimes you need a little more support to gain clarity, and an action plan to move forward – I offer Exploratory Coaching sessions that do just that. You can read about them here.

I would love to know your thoughts on your Sliding Doors pathway….please comment below!


  • Robyn Petrik

    If I hadn’t already left my corporate job a few months ago to start my own copywriting business, then I definitely would have tried this exercise. What a great way to sort through all your thoughts and figure out what you’d like to do.

    • Wendy Kerr

      Hi Robyn,
      Thanks for your comment and congratulations on being a Corporate Crossover! I still use the Sliding Doors exercise, especially when I have a big – fork in the road- decision to make…and there seem to be a few at the moment 😉 I love getting my confused jumble of thoughts onto paper, and then sitting back and getting clarity. It does help.
      I hope your new business is thriving!

  • vivian morris

    Being in corporate cultures for the vast majority of my working life no longer suits me. The reasons are vast and varied. Those of you who are or were in corporate America know exactly what I am talking about without great elaboration..
    One of my challenges in creating and shaping my own life comes from 2 words; Fear and doubt.
    Fear is a word that literally strikes when you feel it – it is paralyzing, it’s nagging, it’s constantly hovering like a mosquito ready to sting at any time.
    We as humans have given the word too much power.
    So in an attempt to take the “sting” out of the word I have created the following acronym.
    F – FREEDOM!!

    And for doubt, it’s evil partner –

    D- DO IT

    Change is not easy. However it is necessary if we want to be the “best us” we are designed to be! Not just for ourselves, but for those that are around us, support us, trust us, love us!! For being authentic in this world that has becomingly become sheep-like in it’s mentality. Who am I to buck the status quo? Who am I to start a new chapter when I am middle-aged? I have become an enlightened woman who realizes that I am in control of my destiny. I am ready to change. Ready to believe, too achieve my purpose in life. I will continue to write MY OWN chapter and I hope for those of you that are vacillating constantly decide to write your own stories too.
    I do no ask for you to “wish me luck”. Luck is when skill meets opportunity. Or so I once heard.
    I will leave you with a quote from Jim Rohn, “Great change is created from inspiration or desperation.”
    Here’s hoping it’s inspiration; but desperation works as well….
    Thank you for your indulgence and I encourage you to write your own story!!

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