Scared Of A Skills Shortage? Thrive! TV Tips

You want to leave your job and set up your own business, or take a big new step in your current business but you stop, you hesitate. You’re scared

From my research I know you are probably scared that you will fail, and fail because you don’t have the right skills to do it successfully.

This fear can paralyze us, and we end up doing nothing. We dream about taking the leap but because we don’t think it will work, instead if trying anyway, we do nothing.

The best way to beat a fear is to meet it head on!

So, if you think you don’t have the right skills to do something, stop guessing and get some facts together!

It’s time for a look under the bonnet and time for a skills audit.

These are really simple to do…

  1. Think about the job or business you want to create
  2. What skills are needed – if you don’t know go and ask someone that does that type of thing already
  3. Review your list – and mark out of 10 how well you think you can do the skills required
  4. Then make a decision – will you learn how to do it, or outsource it
  5. Volia! You have the facts – a true picture of how big… or small your skills shortage really is
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